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April 22nd, 2024

Apparency - The App that Open Apps

Mac Apps

For technically inclined Mac aficionados, Apparency by Mothers Ruin Software is an app that also serves as a plugin for the macOS QuickLook feature. After installing Apparency, you can select an app in the Finder, press the spacebar and get a variety of information in the resulting window. You can take it one step further and choose to open the app in Apparency to answer even more questions including:

  • What did Gatekeeper say?
  • Was it notarized?
  • Is App Sandbox enabled?
  • Inspect the code signature
  • Browse entitlements
  • Browse the Info.plist
  • Find the executable
  • See macOS version info
  • Inspect linked frameworks
  • See identifiers and versions
  • Browse “components” inside
  • See document types and URLs

Apparency is a free app and currently supports Intel and Apple silicon processors on Mac OS versions 12, 13 and 14. Download here

Apparency QuickLook
Apparency QuickLook