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May 5th, 2024

BBEdit - It Doesn't Suck

Mac Apps
The blue and purple styalized logo of BBEdit
BBEdit Icon

In the world of text editors for the Mac there are lot's of choices. I come to the decision making process as a non-programmer who occasionally does some basic scripting with the help of Ai.  Visual Studio Code is the most popular among programmers with an estimated 70% market share. Personally, I don't care for its non-standard interface and rarely use it. My go to for tasks of any complexity is the free version of the venerable BBEDit, a program whose marketing tagline is "It doesn't suck." My most used feature is the global search and replace across files. I routinely point BBEdit at directories containing hundreds of text files (usually in Markdown format) to make changes in my Obsidian vault. It's also useful to make changes to plist, xml and opml files. In fact, you can open almost any file, including huge ones, in BBEdit. It has extensive text transformation abilities to change case, remove line breaks, etc. It even has a built-in color wheel to generate codes for CSS.

The multi-file search window in the free version of BBEdit.
Multi-file search