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May 20th, 2024

Bebop Quick Notes

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Bebop Screenshots
Bebop Screenshots

Bebop Quick Notes is a simple to use and configure app that allows you to quickly capture information via the keyboard or share sheet. You can set it up to save its notes to the location of your choice in the files app such as your Dropbox folder or an Obsidian vault. Using it in conjunction with Obsidian ideal. Obsidian is a great app, partially handicapped by its slow startup on mobile. Bebop starts quickly and is instantly able to capture text. You can choose to save the files using one of four file extensions:

  • .txt
  • .md
  • .markdown
  • .mdown

Even the free version lets you create an unlimited number of notes. There are no ads, trackers or logins in the free or Pro version.  Upgrading to Pro via a $4.99 IAP lets you use Bebop itself to recall a greater number of notes (as opposed to viewing them in another app). Pro users also get to choose different color themes in the app.

The Developer, Jack Cheng, describes his app thus "Bebop is an iOS notes app built with a capture-first mentality. It assumes that review and organization are better done on larger screens, and a mobile interface should be lightning-fast and clutter-free."