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April 19th, 2024

Better Display

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Better Display Logo
Better Display Logo

Better Display is a menu bar app that lets you do things with your built in or connected displays you never thought possible. It does: 

  • Custom Resolutions - Define favorite resolutions and reach them using the app menu, resolution slider or keyboard shortcuts.
  • XDR/HDR Extra Brightness - DR brightness upscale to 1600 nits, external HDR display brightness upscale depending on the display's capability. Native XDR, color table (Apple Silicon) and Metal (Apple Silicon and Intel) methods are all supported.
  • Virtual Screens - Including custom displays for headless Macs (servers)
  • Picture in Picture
  • Display Disconnect and Reconnect
  • Display and EDID overrides 

It even gets rid of the notch on MacBook displays! The free version offers access to many features and full access is $18. 

Better Display Interface
Better Display Interface