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June 15th, 2024

Better Touch Tool Favorites

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a list of Better Touch Tool input sources
BTT Input Sources

I've owned Better Touch Tool  for years  and only used it for a few things but since getting an iMac and a Magic Track Pad a few months ago, I have been making more and more use of it. Along with Raycast, Keyboard Maestro, PopClip and Hazel, it is one of the core Mac automation tools in my Applications folder. You can user the supported triggers and inpiut actions to automate almost any task. Additionally, it has :

  • A clipboard manager
  • Screenshot tool and editor
  • Customizable window snapping & resizing & moving tools
  • Window switcher

The developer is so confident in the abilities of his app, his website contains a challenge; If you find something you can't do with Better Touch Tool, let me know. He offers a 45 day free trial and only charges $12 for a license with two years of updates or $24 for a lifetime of updates. The app is also available on Setapp. There is a whole library of actions you can download if you set up a free account on his website.

  1. F4 = ⌘+space, which triggers Raycast
    2. fn+e = Raycast emoji picker
    3. fn+v = Raycast clipboard manager
    4. ⌘+Q = runs Apple Script asking "Are you sure" before quitting programs
    5. shift+shift = opens/closes Notification Center
    6. CTRL+CTRL = reveal desktop
    7. option+option = Mission Control
    8. esc+esc = start screen saver
    9. three-finger click = MissionControl
    10. four-finger click = lock screen
    11. one-finger click, bottom left = Google Search
    12. Microsoft Edge - three-finger swipe left = previous tab
    13. Microsoft Edge - three-finger swipe right = next tab
    14. Microsoft Edge - three-finger swipe up = new tab
    15. Microsoft Edge - three-finger swipe down = close tab
    16. Microsoft Edge - three-finger force click = ⌘+click (middle button replacement)
    17. Hyper Key+Letter to launch Edge, Drafts, Path Finder, Ivory, Obsidian, Things 3, home folder, trash

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