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May 8th, 2024

Blip - Free Cross Platform File Transfers

Universal Apps

When you need to share a file with someone, or maybe get a file from you home computer to your work computer, you have a variety of options depending on your needs and security constraints. You can use Airdrop between Apple devices. You can upload to a cloud service. You can use email. There's another way, and it's cross platform (macOS, iOS, Windows, Android), encrypted, fast, free and direct. Using the Blip app, your files are sent directly to the target device without being uploaded to someone else's web server. You can use Blip to send files anywhere there is another device with the app installed. There are no ads and it's very fast. There is no limit on file size, and it works with folders as well as data on external drives. You can even use it for Final Cut Pro projects.

You can reach the developers at or on Twitter @blipnet