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July 7th, 2024

Clop - Copy Big, Paste Small, Send Fast

Mac Apps
A graphic showing Clop's scaling ability
Clop Scaling

Clop is a Mac utility that runs in the background or in a floating GUI allowing you to resize images, videos and PDFs on the fly merely by copying and pasting. The size reductions result in minimal to zero loss in quality and when working with images, you can paste into any app. Video size reductions begin as soon as screen recording ends and you can pre-select the type of output file you want, including GIF. You can use hotkeys or floating buttons to downscale images and videos from 90% to 10% of the original size.

One of my favorite features is the ability to set watched folders for optimization. That way when I download a stock photo from Unsplash or another service into my downloads folder, it is immediately optimized for use on my blog. I can even create my own template to rename the optimized files.

For uploading optimized files, Clop integrates directly with Dropshare. Clop can remove or preserve EXIF data and preserve file creation and modification dates.

Clop has some free features that you can use forever without paying. Clop Pro is a one-time purchase of $15 directly from the developer, The Low-Tech Guys. It is also available as part of SetApp.

A graphphic listing the free vs. pro features of Clop
Free vs. Pro