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April 24th, 2024

Custom Shortcuts by Houdah Software

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Custom Shortcuts
Custom Shortcuts

Custom Shortcuts by Houdah Software is a free application that allows you to assign your own keyboard shortcuts to any menu item in any application. In these days of do-it-yourself progressive web apps, you may have many applications without any native keyboard shortcuts and this small utility is the solution to that problem. Its features include:

  • Auto-completion to help you navigate menu hierarchies
  • Making sure you get menu titles exactly right
  • Checking for ambiguous menu items
  • Copy & pasting shortcuts between applications

If you are a KeyClu user, you'll find that Custom Shortcuts is 100% compatible and accessible from the KeyClu interface, a simple and handy overview of applications shortcuts. Easy to use: just press ⌘ twice and hold to see the list.

Custom Shortcuts Interface
Custom Shortcuts Interface