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June 13th, 2024

Daisy Disk, Best in Its Class

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Pros and Cons
Pros and Cons

While trying out a new file manager today, I discovered that Google Drive had created two copies of itself on my hard drive, including several folders of files I'd designated to maintain locally. Because of the mysterious voodoo Apple has cursed cloud storage with, I decided to use a disk analyzer to see how my disk space was allocated and the tool I chose was Daisy Disk.

Daisy Disk is an app that needs little introduction to seasoned Mac users. It is a disk space analyzer so well designed that it has won Mac App Store awards in three different years. For under $10, you get a best in class utility that's fast and reliable. If you've ever had a case where seemingly large chucks of your hard drive were showing up as mysteriously in use, you can use Daisy Disk's power of scanning as an administrator to track down the culprit. Daisy Disk scans internal and external drives whether they are SSD or HDD. It scans local and network physical and virtual drives. You can also scan cloud storage. Only you get to decide what to delete, System files are automatically safeguarded.

Did I mention it's fast? Other long time Mac disk scanning utilities like Grand Perspective and Omni Disk Sweeper may be free, but they are slow, very slow. They work OK, but no one would consider them best in class.

A single license lets you install Daisy Disk on up to five Macs. The developer offers educational discounts.