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May 13th, 2024

Dropzone 4 - A Little Pricey But Versatile

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My Dropzone Setup
My Dropzone Setup

One of my favorite utilities, one I've used through several version is Dropzone 4 from Aptonic. It is a menubar app that performs a variety of functions. Similar to apps like Yoink, Unclutter and Dropover, it provides a space to park files you need to copy elsewhere later. You can also create a grid of folders where you frequently copy files to have them always available even if Finder isn't open. One of my favorite features is shortcut integration. I use a shortcut by Jarrod Blundy over at HeyDingus! to upload images to my blog host ( I get prompted to provide alt-text and after doing so I get a Markdown link conveniently copied to my clipboard. Other features include:

• Shorten URLs quickly using TinyURL shortener. Just select a URL to shorten and press Ctrl+Option+Cmd+S and the shortened URL is automatically copied to the clipboard.
• AirDrop integration lets you drop files or folders from any app and share them with your other Macs over the network.
• Imgur integration lets you share images fast and get a link for pasting.
• Quickly resize and convert images between different sizes and formats.
• Upload files to Amazon S3
• Upload files to your FTP server
• Upload files to your Google Drive
• Download and install add-on actions that let you upload to services like Google Drive, YouTube and many others.
• Powerful multi-tasking engine allows you to run multiple tasks at once and track the progress of each one through the in-grid task status area.
• See how tasks are progressing at a glance in the animated menu item.
• Launch Dropzone actions with the newly added keyboard shortcuts feature
• Add applications, folders or actions to your grid easily by dragging and dropping them on the Add to Grid area.
• Develop your own actions using the updated and massively improved Ruby or Python API

When downloaded from the Aptonic website the app is $35 for a lifetime license. The same license is $39 if you get it from the App Store. If you don't want to spend that much or just try it out, you can pay $1.99 per month. If you are a SetApp subscriber, you are in luck as Dropzone Pro is included in your subscription.