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June 8th, 2024

EtreCheckPro, System Report on Steroids

Mac Apps

EtreCheckPro is an app that displays important system configuration details and allows users to copy that information for analyzation and use elsewhere. It helps identify and address system issues by generating detailed reports after analyzing the system's performance. It is often requested by experts among Apple Support Communities to help diagnose issues for people requesting help. EtreCheck automatically removes any personally identifiable information from the output.

EtreCheck will automatically alert you to serious problems like adware, insufficient RAM, or a failing hard drive.

Using the program is simple. At startup, it asks you to choose a problem from a list or you can choose "just checking". Then you click the start button and wait a few minutes while the program runs a scan. When it's complete, information is provided in the following categories.

Major Issues - Anything requiring immediate attention
Minor Issues - Anything that could potentially negatively affect performance
Hardware - Includes computer, RAM, processor, battery (includes cycle count and percentage available) and video
System - Informations on your most recent notifications from apps with notifications enabled, virtual memory, diagnostics performed in the last 60 days with links to the logs containing the reports
Storage - Information on every partition describing what it is used for, an option to scan your HD for a usage report, Details on your Time Machine backups to include snapshots on your local HD
Network - Detailed info on every network interface, information on enabled sharing services, a section on  Top Processes Snapshot by Network Use listing the top five
Security - Lists status of built in tools like Gatekeeper, notes if you are running AV software, lists all enabled proxies and sharing services. Gives detailed info on all unsigned files to include unsigned launchd files, unsigned running apps, unsigned login items and total unsigned apps installed.
Software - Information on System Extensions, Kernel Extensions,  System Launch Daemons, System Launch Agents, Launch Daemons, Launch Agents, User Launch Agents, User Login Items, Applications
Performance - Detailed reports on CPU usage, memory us and energy use
Report - a plain text report that can be emailed or posted in a tech support forum

The program to run the report is free.

There is an in-app purchase ($17.99 for up to six machines) to upgrade the program for people who want the following features:
1. See computer-generated Solutions - for people who don’t want to post anything on the internet
2. View detailed results and supporting information about hardware, operating system, storage, networking, software, and performance
3. Dive deep into analytics
4. Compare your computer and your report to others

The program is available here.

(Note: There is an anonymous and poorly written document floating around the Internet purporting that EtreCheckPro is malware. The EtreCheckPro developer says the article was written by a long-time stalker of his engaged in serial harassment. I believe him but use your own judgment.)