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June 19th, 2024

iA Writer

Universal Apps
The plain text interface of the Mac app, iA Writer
iA Write Interface

iA writer a markdown/plain text editor designed especially for writing and document creation. It isn't a text editor in the fashion of VS Code or BBEdit. If you aren't a markdown wiz, all of the commands are accessible from the menu bar. The simplified interface is its hallmark, but it has a variety of powerful tools behind the curtains.

Differentiating Authors  

iA Writer can tint the text you paste into a document (i.e,. from an AI source) differently than the text you type in so that you can distinguish your writing from that of another author or AI.

Syntax Highlighting  

iA Writer uses color codes to showcase different parts of speech (adjectives, nouns adverbs) and its built-in editor helps you identify and get rid of filler words, cliches and redundancies.

Focus Mode

In focus mode, iA Writer highlights just the line or paragraph you are working on to mimic the experience of using a typewriter. This allows you a distraction free writing experience where you can concentrate on your current idea.


iA Writer supports wikilinks to connect your documents. You can easily move between documents by following links or using arrow buttons on the toolbar.

Publishing and Export

iA Writer supports direct publishing to Ghost, Medium., Micropub and WordPress. You can export documents as Markdown, HTML, PDF or Microsoft Word formatted documents. You can insert images into documents via Markdown and as content blocks that can be seen in the built in preview mode.

iA writer is developed by a well established Japan based team. It's been around for awhile and continues to evolve. A desktop license is $49 and separate license is required for use on an iPhone or iPad. Minor upgrades are free. Major upgrades incur a cost. A free 15-day trial is offered. Their website says subscription pricing for mac and iOS is coming.