App Addict
June 11th, 2024

MagicMenu from iBoysoft - Not Recommended

Mac Apps

I recently saw a recommendation for MagicMenu from iBoysoft on Reddit and decided to try out the app. According to my records, it's the 1663rd app I have purchased from Apple, and it is the first one that I have ever requested a refund on. The app actually works as described, but the information on its free trial and cost of a yearly subscription was wrong. As soon as I installed the app, I received a message that the free trial was expired. I've never installed it before, so it wasn't a case of previously using it. When I decided to purchase a one-year subscription, I was billed $19.99 rather than the $9.99 it clearly states as the price in the product description on the app store.

The app is designed to add functionality to the right-click context menu in Finder. It only works in Finder and nowhere else. It adds the following functions.

  • Add a shortcut to create a new file
  • Add a folder shortcut to Copy To
  • Add a shortcut to Quick Access to an Item
  • Quickly move or send files to a certain location
  • Completely uninstall unwanted applications
  • Find duplicate files and clean up
  • Detect similar photos and clean up
  • Find junk files and clean up
  • Compress files to archive them

Almost all of these actions are found in my preferred file manager, Path Finder or in single purpose utilities like App Cleaner, the native Photos app, Duplicate Detective and Keka. Other Finder replacements, like Commander One offer custom right-click menus as well. If you just want right click actions in the finder, Qmenu is only $.99, and 2menu is $2.99, although both are from Chinese developers if that gives you pause.

I don't ordinarily write negative reviews but there were just too many red flags on this app and not enough value for something with a relatively high subscription price.