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May 10th, 2024

MusicHarbor - The New Release Finder

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Music Harbor Interface
Music Harbor Interface

If you are an Apple Music subscriber, you know it's not the best at letting you know about upcoming new releases. If you are really into music, you may get your news from social media or the entertainment press but there is a better way, the MusicHarbor app. This app will scan your music library to find the artists you listen to and create a list of upcoming albums you may want to put on your calendar. In some cases, you may even find recently released albums you weren't aware of. It is a versatile app, allowing you to listen to single tracks or whole albums within its interface. You can use it to find videos that will open and play in Apple Music. The interface is extremely customizable as is the search feature. You can add and remove artists at will.  The app is so in tune with my preferences that it let me know about a new Johnny Cash album, and the Man in Black has been dead over twenty years.