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May 3rd, 2024

My Favorite AI App is an Apple Shortcut

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The logo of ChatGPT, a plus sign and the icon for Apple Shortcuts
ChatGPT + Shortcuts

When I have a question I want to run by a LLM, my first stop isn't my paid Raycast subscription with AI. It isn't even the Google Gemini Pro that I pay for. It's not even any of the AI apps I get with my Setapp subscription. I use a free shortcut that anyone can get from Github. When I set it up, I plugged in my pay as you go API key from OpenAI and in six months of almost daily use, I've spent around $5. I have a hotkey assigned to launch the shortcut using Keyboard Maestro but most of the time I just launch it from the menu bar menu Shortcuts provides. It's not limited to Mac's only though. It also works in iOS and iPadOS. It's capable of carrying on a running conversation. The thing I like about it is that it creates a text file in iCloud at Shortcuts/ChatGPT-log and then a folder named by date and time. The text document contains information about the tokens you've consumed if you find that information useful. You can choose to configure it to save its transcripts in Apple Notes if you want to. 

The shortcut allows you to create a custom prompt if you want to. It copies the last response to the clipboard automatically. 

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