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May 21st, 2024

Omnivore, a Free Open-Source Read It Later App

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When you're reading on the web and you're short of time and want to save an article to read later or you want to save something you've read for reference material, you have a lot of choices, but if you want a full suite of features and you want to stay with an app that's open source and free, Omnivore should be your go to. Other choices like Pocket, Instapaper and Matter aren't crap, but they do cost, and you run the risk that your carefully cultivated collection could be locked into a closed system. I would only recommend Readwise if Kindle integration is a must have for you and you are willing to pay for it.

Omnivore has extensions for each major browser family that let you save an article along with keywords. When you access the saved article on the Omnivore web site or in the Omnivore apps (it's universal so you can be on a Mac, iPhone or iPad), you can make highlights and notes. The reading interface is stripped of ads. Not only can you save articles though, you can also subscribe to RSS feeds and newsletters with a custom Omnivore email address.

For many, the killer feature of Omnivore is the AI voice narration that's difficult to differentiate from an actual human. There are multiple voices to choose from. One of the features I find most helpful is the ability to import articles into Obsidian, something you can also do with Logseq and Notion. Once you're done reading an article you can move it out of your inbox and into an archive that remains available for full text searches.

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