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June 12th, 2024

Open Core Legacy Patcher

Mac Apps

OpenCore Legacy Patcher is a free and open-source tool designed for individuals who want to run newer versions of macOS on older, unsupported hardware. It achieves this by patching macOS and modifying it to work with these older models. It is based on OpenCore, a modern and versatile bootloader for macOS. This is what the developers have to say about compatibility with the Sequoia beta: "I am going to say this preemptively:

  • No, OCLP does not support macOS 15 yet
  • No, I don't even know if it still supports Intel yet
  • No, there are no ETAs
  • No, please do not install it on release and then complain that it doesn't work

No ETAs for Sequoia support. Don't ask, don't try installing it. If you try installing it, we won't help you." 
Source: OCLP macOS Sequoia Beta Status Update & WARNING!!! (

Having established that, if you aren't familiar with OCLP and you have an older Mac you'd like to upgrade past its supported version of macOS, you are in luck. I recently had to turn in my 2023 M2 MacBook Air for AppleCare support and was left with a 2014 MBP as a backup. It only had the latest OS it would officially support on it and when I tried to install a few of my most used programs, I got shut down because things like Raycast and DropOver didn't work. Luckily, OCLP exists and I was able to get past the constraints imposed by Apple.

Here's how it works:

  1. The first step of ensuring whether your model is supported is by checking the Supported Models page.
    2. Download and build macOS Installer
    3. Run the
    4. Reboot and boot OpenCore

Once you've installed macOS through OpenCore, you can boot up and go through the regular install process. To boot without the USB drive plugged in is quite simple:

  • Download OpenCore Legacy Patcher
    * Change Patcher settings as you'd like
    * Build OpenCore again
    * Install OpenCore to internal drive
    * Reboot holding Option, and select the internal EFI

And voila! No more USB drive required.