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July 4th, 2024

Plus AI from MacPlus - A Convenient and Well Though Out App

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Plus AI Preferences
Plus AI Preferences

Plus AI from MacPlus Software, an AI app that lives in the background, works on selected text and can be used it any app, is a convenient and easy to use way to incorporate the parts of AI that don't rip people off into your workflow. It comes with several preconfigured prompts but you can compose your own. The built in prompts are: 

  • Explain a random Wikipedia term
  • Summarize
  • Improve writing
  • Fix spelling and grammar
  • Simplify language
  • Paraphrase
  • Translate to English
  • Translate to German
  • Explain this

You can write your own prompts in the following style of the Improve Writing prompt

I will give you text content, you will rewrite it and output a better version of my text. Keep the meaning the same. Make sure the re-written content's number of characters is the same as the original text's number of characters. Do not alter the original structure and formatting outlined in any way. Only give me the output and nothing else. Now, using the concepts above, re-write the following text. Respond in the same language variety or dialect of the following text:

Some of the things Plus AI can do are chatting with PDFs and translating content from one language to another.

To use Plus AI, you will need to get your own API key from Open AI at this website.   The app requires accessibility permissions enabled. It is available in the MacPlus website for a one-time payment of $6.99. The developer's site is here. It is also available on SetApp.

Open AI Prompts
Open AI Prompts