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April 20th, 2024

Shortery - The Missing Mac Automator

Mac Apps

Shortcuts on the Mac is missing the built-in automation features offered in iOS but Shortery from UnitNo5 steps in admirably to fill the gap. With a comprehensive list of 17 triggers, Shortery can automatically launch shortcuts to accomplish all sorts of tasks. Some of my use cases are:

  • Launch my five "morning apps" at 4am so that my computer is ready to use when I wake up
  • Automatically convert RAW and HEIC photos to JPEG when I export from Photos app
  • Minimize all open Windows on my work iMac when I unlock the screen to hide  everything from prying eyes
  • Automatically eject my backup drive every morning so that all I have to do is unplug it from my laptop
  • Launch a file syncing app every day at 2am to back up my Obsidian vault


  • Appearance - Run a shortcut when your Mac changes dark and light mode
  • Application - Run a shortcut when you start or quit an app
  • Audio - Run a Shortcut when you start, stop or record audio.
  • Calendar events - Run a shortcut when a meeting starts/ends
  • Camera - Run shortcuts when your webcam is switched on/off
  • Devices - Run a shortcut when you connect/disconnect any USB or Bluetooth device
  • Focus mode - Trigger a shortcut when focus mode on your Mac is enabled
  • Folder Contents - Run a shortcut when the content of your folders change
  • Keyboard - Define a global hotkey for your shortcut
  • Login & logout - Use the login-trigger to get your day started
  • Monitors - Trigger a shortcut when you connect/disconnect a monitor
  • Power - Run a shortcut when you plug in a power adapter
  • Screen - Trigger a shortcut when you lock or unlock your screen
  • Sunrise & sunset - Run shortcuts when the sun sets or rises
  • Wake up & sleep - Run Shortcuts before your Mac goes to sleep or wakes up
  • Time - Set a time when the shortcut should run and define how often it should be repeated
  • WiFi - Run a shortcut when your WiFi connection changes

Shortery has a free version, but you get full functionality for $9.99 a year in the App Store.

Shortery Interface
Shortery Interface