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July 3rd, 2024

Stats Is a Free Alternative to iStat Menus

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About This Mac vs Stats
About This Mac vs Stats

If you are the kind of Mac owner who likes to track what the various components on your computer are doing, iStat Menus from bjango Software has long been a popular choice know for a variety of menu bar based charts and graphs. Stats, by indy developer Serhiy Mytrovtsiy is a free to use privately or commercially app available on GitHub

Stats is an application that allows you to monitor your macOS system.

  • CPU utilization
  • GPU utilization
  • Memory usage
  • Disk utilization
  • Network usage
  • Battery level
  • Fan's control
  • Sensor information (Temperature/Voltage/Power)
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Multiple time zone clock

The Stats dashboard provides much of the same information one used to see in the "About This Mac" window in previous operating systems. It includes Mac make, RAM and storage specs, model number, serial number, and which version of macOS is running, core count, uptime and on Silicon models, the number or performance and efficiency cores.

The clear and colorful graphics within Stats are not just decorative. You can mimc some of the behaviors of activity monitor by killing apps from within the program. The interface offers customization options that allow you to craft the look and feel you want while seeing just the information you need.

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Sensor listing
Sensor listing