App Addict
June 18th, 2024

My Blogging Workflow

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For the past six weeks I've averaged about 16-17 posts a week on three different blogs. I've also been sharing a photo every day on from a project I did a while back called 100 Strangers. I just started a links blog that I will try to post to every day. I usually write my posts a day ahead of time. I start writing in Obsidian, using Markdown if my post is going on, OMG.LOL or BearBlog. If it's a post going on Scribbles, then I still use Obsidian, but I leave it as plain text.

Very occasionally I will paste the content into iA writer or use the editing function of the Text Generator plugin in Obsidian to get a grammar and content check. When I first started blogging, I used the online word processor at a few times but that is more friction than I want to deal with. Most of the time though, I just paste the content right into the web interface on Microsoft Edge, my choice of browser and use the built in spell and punctuation checks.

A lot of times, I'll start writing at work on my lunch hour or break and pick it back up at home, relying on Obsidian sync to make the file available in both places. After writing an app review yesterday about an app I'd already written about in April, I have now started a spreadsheet to keep track of what I've written about so that doesn't happen again.

I do not have a file of ideas or prompts or drafts for any of my online endeavors. For app reviews, I literally look in my Applications folder for ideas. I have over 400 apps installed, so I have a lot to choose from. For my tech blog, where I only write long form posts a couple of times a week, I just have to pick up ideas from reading or online forums. For my personal blog, just start brainstorming in the morning until an idea occurs to me.

Every platform I use allows you to schedule posts ahead of time and I use that feature each night to schedule everything for the next morning. I get up at 4:30am and by that time the folks in Europe are already awake and online. By 8am, everything I've written the previous day is posted and the whole process starts over.