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June 22nd, 2024

Text Shot

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Mac Version

I do love a good single purpose app. Like most sentient human beings in the 21st century, I need to express myself on social media every few hours. Often these expressions take the form of quotes from one of the many blogs I read. Text Shot by developer Chris Hannah lets you take snippets of texts from a web page (or any source you choose) and create attractive and shareable images suitable for social media, blogs or email. You can add title, source, author, and the quote, or any combination of elements. The app allows you to choose a theme font or size to control how your text shot looks. You can style text using bold or italics using Markdown. It even has shortcut support so that you can craft your own automations to make sharing easier.

Text Shot is a universal app, working on the iPhone, iPad or Mac. It is a $2.99 one-time purchase in the App Store. Its privacy policy states that it collects no information. It is part of Apple's Family Sharing program. The developer is reachable on Mastodon at